Nothing beats pictures - here are screenshots of customers who couldn't keep their satisfaction and happiness to themselves and had to reach out to us through various channels.
You too can become a Senitas Hair Happy Customer today.
I'm happy I finally pulled a customer to you. My friend bought hair yesterday and she is so happy. - Jennifer, Lagos.
My hair is so sweet. I am impressed and I will buy more and bring people to you guys. Your hair made me look this amazing. I love it here and my people love it also. - Becky.
Hair so nice, rocking it for my birthday. Grateful for a sincere transaction. - Tessy
I am rocking your hair. Love it.. Thanks. - Nkeiruka
I made my hair today. Really loved it. Dellavega
I love the new SC50 hair while I'm still enjoying my Senitas Super Curls - YemYem
Everyone loves my look at the office without makeup. Comments everywhere, thanks Senitas.
I got this hair from you last month SC25 bought 10" and I like it. It's very lovely.
Thanks I really love my hair. My sister also loves the long one I got for her. I can't wait to order a longer one soon. Hugs and kisses.