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  • What Do You Know About Hair Closures? Learn more here to get the best value when you shop

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    Have you gotten hair from us? How much do you love the hair? How have you styled it? What clothing have you been matching with it?

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    As always, we want you to get the best out of the virgin closures you get from us. So this right here is us dropping some knowledge you need!

    A virgin hair closure is one of the best things you can get in the market today. The best way to tell a closure apart is the length of the lace. Closures have smaller widths than Frontals… and they are cheaper as well!
    However, when it comes to getting your closure, you can still pull some trendy styles with it.



    You can order from us the normal one-part closure to nail that corporate boss lady look. Frequent visits to the stylist is all you need to decide where you want the parting to be.


    If you prefer not to take a trip down to the stylist often, then we suggest you get the three-part closure. You can choose to show off all three lines or spice it up by combing your hair to one side. That way, you get the benefit of a one-part closure at the sides. Good news, if this closure is long enough—like a 6 by 6, you can get some baby hair/edge to complete that look.



    Then you can get the one from the lady herself. This Closure, popularized by Kim Kardashian is unique for the length of its parting. The Kim K Closure has the longest parting you can get in the market today. It is perfect for the bun—a real modern look, and if you feel like wearing your hair down… it is stunning as well. This is a favourite when talking Closures.




    This little piece of knowledge right here should influence your decisions when buying hair. Remember, is your plug for quality and affordable hair in the market today. If you’re a retailer or an individual, best believe we have that beauty touch you need.

    Till next time.
    Stay beautiful

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